The future freaks me out.

There's no mistake that our world is immensely fucked up, and there's not a whole lot most of us can do but sit back and suck on it and hope that nothing too crazy happens to us or the ones we care about. The future is freaky, the future is terrifying; but the future is also pretty damn incredible looking. Today I'm going to show you two new, and pretty astounding things that the world will soon be offering to us.

First, spray on clothing: Not exactly new, but newish (and I certainly was unaware of it until a few weeks ago). Fashion designer Dr Manel Torres has invented a new product, called Fabrican. Litterally, it's fabric in a spray can. Made of cotton fibres, polymers and a solvent that keeps the mixture in liquid form, Torres has created a product that is quick, cheap and of course automatically fits perfectly. Though it seems crazy, after your shirt has dried (onto you!) you can remove it, wash it, and wear it again.
Here are some photos:

Next, we have a paper thin, flexible phone developed by Canadian researchers of Queens University that memorizes what you do to it. This video will explain much better than I would myself:

There you have it. The next steps toward the future none of us see coming.

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